You got to help me, baby.I can't do it all by myself.You know if you don't help me, darling,I'll have to find myself somebody else.sonny boy williamson

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How Do I Sort Out The Overlapping Sonny Boy I and II Recordings?

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The Complete Career-Spanning Recordings

CD Sets

1. The Best of Trumpet Records recordings (released and unreleased) is now included in Sonny Boy Williamson: The Classic Sides 1951-1954 JSP7766 (Made in Britain) (4 CDs including 55 cuts with Sonny Boy ), 

 2  the rare (look for one on E-Bay) Sonny Boy williamson: The Chess Years CD Red Box 1  (4 CDs with 70 released and 19 unreleased alternatives) on Charly has everything released or unreleased on Chess, and

 3. d American Folk Blues Festival '62-65 ECD26100 (5 CDs including 8 cuts by Sonny Boy) and \

  4. another five performanceson The Unissued 1963 AFBF as included on The Devil's Music; The Soundtrack to The 1976 BBC TV Documentary Series INDIGO Box Set (Do not buy other versions of the Unlissued 1963 AFBF as they have an annoying high pitched feedback squeal on them. This was not released on other versions because it had that noise and they have finally engineered it out. This CD has the marvelous and unique versions of "99," "Don't Stop Me Talkin'" and "All My Love In Vain" which he has not recorded live elsewhere.).

   5. There are also 13 tracks from the BBC special with Chris Barber in May 1964 which featured Sonny Boy Williamson on Lost and Found The Blues Legacy Vol. 3  available at .

    6.Other bootlegs have been released but they are not on authorized CDs or currently available.

DVDs Of course the 13 performances + individual performances as a finale, with Mae Mercer, Victoria Spreey & Muddy Waters and DVDs on

   1.The American Folk Blues Festival 1962-1966 Vol 1 & 2 and

    2. The British Tours 1963-1966 and

    3. Memphis Slim and Sonny Boy Williamson Live In Europe  from Hip-O including "Sonny Boy Williamson," the Stockholm Sweden-produced film for Storyville Records in Denmark and the Jazz Prism TV show      from   Belgium are on  from Hip-O

Starter collections:  A good collection to begin with is The Essential Sonny Boy Williamson (2CDs) or His Best (1CD) or a good career retrospective is Harp From Deep South. Don't overlook the brilliant live AFBF recordings, my favorites. Also don't miss The Animals and The Yardbirds recordings, which are, at times, unpolished and prematurely recorded but surprisingly competant.Some of Sonny Boy's features are excellent.

Note: Chess a re-recorded eight Trumpet Records originals including "Eyesight To The Blind" (as "Born Blind"). The results were often strikingly different. All of Sonny Boy's recordings for Chess Records were released on their Checker label.

Sonny Boy's Lonesome Cabin


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  • A detailed discography covering over 50 full-length records, some very rare, by Sonny Boy plus numerous singles and 78's
  • A list of all versions of all songs known to have been recorded by him.
  • A discussion of his unique and moving harp style, with sample audio files.
  • A collection of rare photos.
  • A page of links to related resources and publications. Don't overlook this lively and informative section which introduces you to many of Sonny Boy's closest friends, peers and followers as well as gives you a brief history of Delta Blues History.

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Everybody who ever met Sonny Boy can tell you about him and what happened when they met him. He was one of a kind. On the other hand, those thave have discovered his musi since he died in 1965, can only speak of how his lonesome moving harmonica, his lyrics or his blues singing touched them and sometimes their music.

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Author, Don't Start Me To Talkin' (Preview of Sonny Boy's Bio) Available on

Sonny Boy is buried in Tutwiler MS next to the remains of the Whitfiield Baptist Church where it is rumor that Sonny Boy preached back in the 1930 and where his funeral was held. Sonny Boy's last two sisters Mary Ashford and Julia Barner are buried nearby. I personally visited the two sisters about three months before the fire in which they perished. The gravesite is overseen by and ta clinic is run a nun, Sister Dr. Anne Brooks who also runs The Tutwiler Medical Clinic. Visit The Sonny Boy Club and consider donation to this worthy cause.



Don't Send Me No Flower

Don't Send Me No Flower
  • Sonny Boy's final British recording plus live Yardbirds set from 1st British R&B Festival at Birmingham Town Hall
  • Recording dates: January 29, 1965 and February 28, 1964
  • Release date: 1968
  • Label: Marmalade / Charly / BYG
  • Catalogue #: LP 607004, CR 300 011, CR 30193, CD LIK 80
  • Length: 41 minutes
  • Available: No

    • Don't Send Me No Flowers (5:43)
    • I See A Man Downstairs (3:11)
    • She Was Dumb (4:19)
    • The Goat (2:05)
    • Walking (3:12)
    • Little Girl How Old Are You (3:14)
    • It's A Bloody Life (3:18)
    • Getting Out Of Town (3:15)
    • Slow Walk (0:50) *
    • Pontiac Blues (3:00) *
    • Lonesome Cabin (3:29) *
    • Bye Bye Bird (3:38) *
  • * Bonus tracks on CD LIK 80.

    • Brian Auger (organ)
    • Ricky Brown (bass)
    • Joe Harriott (saxophone)
    • Jimmy Page (guitar)
    • Alan Skidmore (saxophone)
    • Mick Waller (drums)


    A studio jam recorded on January 29 (April 29 has been mentioned as the date of the session, however, the British Home Office informed me that his visa expired January 29) 1965 on the final day of Sonny Boy's final visit to London -- he died nearly four months later. Produced by Giorgio Gomelsky, this session (Sonny Boy's last except for the King Biscuit Time recording in Helena Arkansas on Arhoolie) was only two and a half hours long and virtually unrehearsed, which explains its uneven quality. This material was originally released by Marmalade in 1968 as Don't Send Me No Flowers (LP 607004), then reissued by Charly Records in 1975 as Jam Session (CR 300 011, CR 30193). Tracks 9-12 were recorded at the first British R & B Festival (Birmingham Town Hall, 28 February 1964) and added to the 1991 CD release (CD LIK 80) as fillers. On tracks 9-11 Sonny Boy is accompanied by the Yardbirds. It is interesting to hear the difference between the first recordings with the Yardbirds and those a few months later. John Platt wrote the liner notes to CD LIK 80 (pictured above).

    Many thanks to Erkki "Delta Daddy" Sironen of Helsinki, Finland, for lending us this album cover.